About MERSEA DEAD SEA products

La Force Des Eaux De La Mer Morte Entre Vos Mains

Looking for natural care for your skin, you are a demanding customer looking for other products? MERSEA Laboratories have created for you a dermo-cosmetic care line based on Dead Sea minerals that stimulate the skin and improve skin metabolism, giving a better skin tone and a good moisturizing appearance.

MERSEA DEAD SEA products use the Dead Sea minerals to improve the skin metabolism and therefore its appearance.

The Dead Sea waters composition is unique, it contains magnesium, potassium, silica, sodium and calcium higher than all other salt waters in the world, oceans included.


The properties of these main minerals are:

Potassium, magnesium, and sodium effect: Provides energy to skin cells. Activate enzymes to accelerate the cellular regeneration.

Bromine effect: Calm and treats dermatological conditions

Chlorine effect: Contributes to the balance of minerals in the body

Calcium effect: Strengthens cell membranes and relieves pain

Sulfur effect: The cells keratinization and the maturation of the keratin are related to the existence of hydrogen and sulfur. Without this mineral, it there is no normal keratinization of the skin. (Keratinization is the process in which cells rise and die, producing a substance called keratin).

Iron effect: affects the melanin production and it is an oxygen distributor for hemoglobins.

MERSEA DEAD SEA products use genuine minerals from the Dead Sea

Why should I use MERSEA Dead Sea Cosmetics?

The five principal reasons for a mineral loss in the skin calls are:


The effort of a modern life-style, as well as lack of sleep


Fashionable parliamentary allowance, preservative, colouring materials, nearly food.


Too many UVA and UVB radiation does, which destroy valuable minerals and nutrients.


Transmission can play a role with the aging process and with lack of mineral.

Life style

Environmental pollution, smoking, alcohol, little sleep. .


There are two things you can do against this mineral loss from the skin: a healthier and balanced life-style and replacement of mineral materials. For the replacement of mineral materials the Dead Sea is a source, which does not have an equal, both because of its high concentration and because of the singular combination of minerals, which one will not find anywhere else on earth.

The beneficial action of the Dead Sea minerals has been known for thousands of years. King David, King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba founded on her    shores of palaces thermal cures. Cleopatra won, at a high price, the exclusive rights of the Dead Sea region. She gave the order to build pharmaceutical and cosmetic factories who were drawing their raw materials in the Dead Sea.

Cleopatra used to immerse herself in mud baths of the famous Sea to heal her delicate skin! So why would we not have the right, too, to offer ourselves a care of Queen?

a care of Queen

The Dead Sea salts are a real concentrate of appeasement and well-being. You can treat yourself with Dead Sea products in specialized beauty salons. If you prefer to pamper your body at home, MERSEA products are a must.

The developing health and beauty industry situated on the shores of the Dead Sea has become appreciated and familiar throughout the world and the health tourism industry on its shores has become a part of the medical services offered to patients by various health insurance companies. Cosmetic brands created on the basis of the Dead Sea's treasures, as well as esteemed research laboratories are now more familiar than ever and can be found on shelves of the most prestigious cosmetic stores. One of the most famous brands is MERSEA.

MERSEA has been spreading the healing powers of the Dead Sea all around the world since 2001, we specialize in the export and distribution of beauty and skin care products carefully developed by combining the rejuvenating minerals of the Dead Sea and its region with aromatic oils and plant extracts.

The products which we export and distribute are of the highest quality, made only from choice of natural ingredients. We have a vast and rich collection of cosmetic products from the Dead Sea (over 180 products) and still growing. MERSEA has established ideal formulas for natural beauty care products; products that are manufactured from genuine ingredients with a superb absorption, protection and skincare qualities.

MERSEA Products Manufactured at the highest quality standards (GMP cosmetics, ISO 9000, CPNP, etc..), they Contain no animal products, they were never tested on animals, and most important they Protect skin from harmful environmental effects.

The Dead Sea, a wonder of nature...

The Dead Sea, a unique place...

MERSEA believes that each one of us has unique beauty care requirements. Therefore, we are constantly evolving our ingredients and products to accommodate the varying color, scent, and moisture preferences.

The Dead Sea is a unique body of water, unlike any other on the face of the earth here are some of the most important points about the Dead Sea.

1. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth 417 meters (1,373 feet) below sea.

2. Is the largest "Natural Spa" in the world.

  • 3. A mini-universe with its own unique micro-climate.

  • 4. An average of 330 full days of sunshine per year.

5. Dead Sea cosmetics are unique: rich in rare minerals, these products offer an exceptional comfort and efficiency.

  • 6. The saltiest and most mineral-laden in the world.

  • 7. Everybody can float in its waters.

8. Its thermo-mineral springs have been praised for millennia.

  • 9. Famous for its mineral black mud.

    Everybody can float in its waters

The Dead Sea offers its contribution to the treatment of skin diseases and certain manifestations of pain related to arthritis and to rheumatism.

All MERSEA products contain top quality Dead Sea minerals in unique formulations which provide stimulation, renewal, deep cleansing, and mineralization of the skin. Each ingredient in these products was carefully selected by experts to ensure optimal skin protection, along with high penetration capacity through the dermis.

Everybody can float in its waters