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    Keratin Haar Liss Pflegespülung

    Preis:  16.90€

    Mersea launches a unique Hair Conditioner fortified with keratin and Argan Oil, which is formulated especially to revitalize, soften and moisturize your hair thoroughly. Mersea Keratin Hair Conditioner will make your hair smoother, shinier, softer, silkier, easier to comb, flexible and frizz free. Mersea Keratin Hair Conditioner is combined with plant extracts and vitamins which will help nourish each strand of your hair in order to maintain the smoothing effect longer while intensively adding shine to your hair. This product is Paraben free.
    Directions for use: Wet hair thoroughly and apply Mersea Keratin Hair Conditioner on the scalp and hair after you rinsed the shampoo. Work up with gentle circular motions of the fingertips, leave for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Repeat, if necessary.

    250 Ml


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