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    Firming Multi-Use Mineral Avocado Oil & Oblipicha Cream

    цена:  15.90€

    Mersea Firming Multi-Use Avocado & Oblipicha (Sea-Buckthorns) Cream holds an innovative formula which prevents the premature ageing of the skin and maintains firmness, helps tighten and improves skin texture, provides it with optimal hydration. The cream combines a unique and revolutionary blend of ingredients known by its intense firming influence on the skin. The precious formulation with concentrated pure Avocado extract, Sea-buckthorn extract (Oblipicha extract) and 26 minerals from the Dead Sea stimulates cell renewal and protects skin from damaging external influences. Paraben Free.
    Directions for use: Apply a sufficient amount whenever your skin needs extra moisture and Massage gently until completely absorbed.

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