Botoderm Effect® Intensive Serum

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Mersea Botoderm Effect® Intensive Serum is based on a universal patented formula that’s relying on Argireline® as the main Botoderm effect ingredient. Based on this scientifically advanced skin-firming complex, enriched with Soybean oil-rich, Omega 6 known for its benefits in nourishing and moisturizing the skin cells , Argireline® reduces the depth of wrinkles on the face caused by repeated facial movements especially in the forehead and around the eyes. Mersea Botoderm Effect Intensive Serum tones, firms the skins texture in record time with Avocado oil rich in vitamins A, D and E known to fight free radicals, lecithin, as well as potassium known as the youth mineral, this serum contains proteins, β carotene, Natural Minerals and plant extracts that restore your daily moisture and nourish your skin cells. This innovative Mersea treatment of Argireline®, Dead Sea minerals, natural plant extracts, powerful anti oxidants, anti age ingredients and vitamins are making this serum an intensive Botoderm effect® treatment one which efficiently simulates the effect of the botulinic toxin injections (a light alternative to the injections) and acts significantly on the collagen and elastin. By reactivating the tonicity of your skin, Mersea Botoderm Effect® Intensive Serum smoothes your skin and blurs wrinkles visibly, remarkable results will be shown within a few weeks use of Mersea Botoderm Effect® Intensive Serum but you may notice an immediate improvement from day 1.

Paraben free

Direction of use: Apply the Mersea Botoderm Effect® Intensive Serum on a clean & dry face, massage gently in circular motions and soft tapping until completely absorbed. To achieve best results it's recommended to use Mersea Botoderm Effect® Intensive Serum day and night prior the Botoderm Effect Day Cream or Botoderm Effect Night Cream.

50 ml

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