Neck & Chest Lifting Cream

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As the skin's support tissues weaken and as your neck and chest skin often reveals premature signs of aging, we at MERSEA Dead Sea Laboratories have combined all our Activelift Bio Skin care research, knowledge to the creation of this nourishing formula specifically targeted to the loose skin in the neck and chest zone. This complex moisturizes, hydrates, smoothes, lubricates, tones, restructures, stretches and boosts up the regeneration of collagen and elastin to this particularly sensitive area. MERSEA Neck & Chest Lifting Cream is created from a concentrated Sesame protein fortified with natural plant extract and Dead Sea natural minerals formulating a designed care for an immediate visible stretch and lifting appearance. MERSEA Neck and Chest Lifting Cream comes in a light-texture allowing the cream to be easily absorbed and moistening feeling leaving your skin to be firmer, radiant and younger looking, with a sense of a soft and silky skin all day long. Using MERSEA's cream, your neck and chest will boost your image with a younger and youthful appearance.

Paraben free.

Direction of use: Apply the MERSEA Neck and Chest Lifting Cream on clean and dry skin, massage gently in circular motions until completely absorbed. For best results apply day and evening.

50 ml

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