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    Nachtpflege Nourisher

    Preis:  29.90€

    Mersea Night Care Nourisher, Parabens-free - A perfect and best time to repair damaged skin caused by the environment is while you sleep. The high content of minerals from the Dead Sea combined with natural oils rich in Vitamins A, C, D, and E is designed to nourish, moisturize and decrease wrinkles and fine lines visibly. Every night use of this innovative rejuvenating night cream will restore your skins softness, elasticity and youthful appearance. Sleep your way to beauty and wake up with a fresh, radiant and moisturized skin. Mersea Night Care Nourisher stimulates the moisture level of the upper layers of the epidermis by promoting water retention. This exceptional cream is the ideal complement to the Mersea Daily Care Moisturizer to nourish and soften the skin throughout the night.

    Parabens free

    Directions for use: For best outcomes use one of Mersea cleansing cream or gel to clean your face thoroughly and gently massage the Mersea Night Care Nourisher to your face at night until completely absorbed.

    50 ml


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